Research for entering new markets

Examples of research services can be market research, ecosystem analysis to identify key players in the market and their relationships, competitor intelligence,  go-to-market planning, design and execution of test marketing campaigns to assess customer acquisition cost, user research, etc . We have experience from identifying end developing partnership and M&A opportunities as well as from supporting strategy projects with market and competitor analysis and forecasting. These services are suitable to investors and bigger companies, who want to evaluate options for entering new growth markets. We can help foreign companies identify opportunities in Finland as well as Finnish companies exploring growth opportunities abroad.

Advisory services for smaller companies

It is common for smaller companies to not have all the competences needed in their team, when they want to grow by entering new markets or introducing new products and services. As recruiting may be a challenge and commitment to a new hire risky, we offer as our services also part-time or interim CxO’s or board members to fill the skill gaps that may exist. We have extensive experience from strategy development, financial planning and analysis, product marketing, and product development roles in big companies in Finland and Silicon Valley, as well as experience from all operative roles needed to create and operate a startup in Finland. With our network, we can also find other experts to fill whichever skill gaps we cannot fill ourselves.

Business design with Lean Launchpad

We can help startup teams get their business model canvas or lean canvas developed and validated faster by acting as an external coach with no sentimental attachment to the founders’ original ideas. We have gone through this process ourselves in our own startup. The core idea is to test assumptions on the various boxes of the canvases one by one, typically in one-week sprints with customer/partner interviews and minimum viable products. These are skills typically learned in accelerator programs that last months, so a dedicated coach can save the startup team valuable time, which is important especially when seed or pre-seed funding is limited.