We help develop your businesses and teams to perform better with over 30 years of experience gained in the world’s leading technology companies, startups, and with the network built in the process of potential partners to engage when needed.


I am Nouri Mikko Werdi, a Finnish citizen born in Helsinki, studied and worked in Finland and the United States. I work fluently both in Finnish and English. You can take a look at my LinkedIn profile here.

CoDev Oy is my personal business enabler, established after Microsoft decided to end the Devices business it acquired from Nokia. CoDev’s first project was a gamified education startup called Unserious, whose first product was the award-winning LUPO: The Space Adventure.

I am currently activating CoDev as a consulting company, offering advisory and research services for B2B customers. CoDev Oy is a registered Business Finland Innovation Voucher service provider, meaning that qualified small and medium sized companies in Finland can pay for CoDev services up to €5000 + VAT with the innovation voucher – a nice introductory offer.


Hello world!

I created graph above recently as an independent research exercise in the Coursera specialisation Applied Data Science with Python. It maps the 2018 United Nations World Happiness Report country scores against the same year’s Sustainable Development Index country scores. The correlation is clearly visible, even though a statistical correlation does not necessarily imply a causal …